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Trade Waste Products

With the largest range of approved GRC Trade Waste products in Australia, Mascot Engineering is the only name you need to think of for your next project.

All products are manufactured from Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) ensuring your on-site and transport costs are kept to a minimum - vital when you're dealing with such large and bulky products. Take our Grease Arrestors as an example. Our Mascot GA100 (1000L) weighs 324kg and is designed to fit through a standard doorway – our competitors equivalent 1000L Grease Arrestor in steel reinforced concrete weighs in at 2.6 tonne!

Click on any of the products below for more info

Oil/Water/Solid Separator Mascot CFI seperator NSW Grease Arrestor grease_arrestor
General Purpose Pitsgeneral_pits Solids Settlement Tankssolid_settlement
Triple Interceptorgeneral_pits Silt Arrestor with Self Trapping Gas Sealsolid_settlement
Oil Separator ‐ Gravity Feedgeneral_pits Solids Pollution Trapsolid_settlement
Cooling, Dilution and Averaging Pitgeneral_pits Dry Arrestor Pitsolid_settlement
Floor Silt Arrestorgeneral_pits Floor Basket Arrestorsolid_settlement
Stainless Basket Arrestorgeneral_pits Under Sink Plaster/Solids Trapsolid_settlement
Covers To Suitgeneral_pits Above Ground Standgeneral_pits
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