Australia-wide sales enquiries | 1300 885 295

Australia-wide sales enquiries | 1300 885 295

Bridgetown Cidery

The Bridgetown Cidery, located in the in the famous apple region of WA is currently undergoing an expansion. 2 1000L Grease Traps were required to cater to the increased needs of the bar and café areas of the Cidery.

Mascot GRC Grease Traps are the most specified Grease Trap in WA, and were the perfect solution for the Cidery. Bridgetown is located 280km from Perth, the lightweight nature of GRC meant that Mascot’s Grease Traps could be transported quickly and cost effectively.

Authorised for use Australia wide, Mascot Engineering GRC Trade Waste devices are strong, resilient, and easy to install.

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  • Client
    The Cidery
  • Location
    Bridgetown, WA
  • Products
    1000L Grease Trap