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Australia-wide sales enquiries | 1300 885 295

Heavy Vehicle Wash Bay

Origin Energy’s LNG plant is located in a regional agricultural area in Reedy Creek. The location of this plant means that the quality and management of the waste water is a key concern for the surrounding environment.

To minimise harm to the environment and water wastage, Origin Energy utilised high tech water treatment technology in the heavy vehicle wash down bay to provide treated water that can be reused for other purposes, and eliminate environmental risk.

To manage run off from the wash down bay, Mascot Engineering’s Class D cast iron Trench Grating was the chosen for the project. The Trench Grating’s heavy duty properties  is designed to endure the heavy loads associated with the type of vehicles that will likely use the wash down bay. Additionally, our customer commented that they appreicated the unique self-levelling bolts as they assisted in ensuring a smooth and easy installation.

Our customer also chose Mascot Engineering to provide GRC electrical pit packages to the project due to the ease of installation. Mascot GRC is resilient enough to handle the heavy load requirements of projects such as the wash down bay, and is capable of withstanding the journey to this remote site with confidence. Mascot GRC Cable Pits coupled with GMS Checkerplate Covers provided the perfect solution.

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    Reedy Creek, QLD
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