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Australia-wide sales enquiries | 1300 885 295


Mascot Engineering is proud to bring a world leading linear drainage product from Europe to Australia.

Innovative and easy to install linear drainage solutions from Italy.  Technodrain is a lightweight cost-effective HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) channel paired with a range of sophisticated and compliant grates available in several widths and designs in Class B, D, E and Class G.

Manufacturing – Technodrain & Mascot Engineering

Since 1978, Technodrain’s ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility (Asoplast) has been located just outside of the historical port city of Ancona in central Italy.

Their passion and dedication for manufacturing is evident in their large modern facility capable of producing 40,000kg of plastic material per day.  Mascot Engienering share this passion for manufacturing and producing world leading products which makes Technodrain the perfect addition to the Mascot range of products.

With a history of complex plastic moulding for automotive, household appliances and other industries, Technodrain was developed in 2004 in response to the markets demand for a high quality, strong, stylish and high performing drainage solution.

We’ve learnd a few things about drainage channels over the years and the Mascot team have handpicked the range from Technodrain that we offer.  With a number of similar products available, we’ve carefully chosen the ones best suited to the harsh Australian environment.

Protective Edges

Products subject to the heavy loads found in commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects need to be designed and constructed to suit.  The Evomax and Magnum range from Technodrain are fitted with a protective edge frame to the top of the HDPE channel as standard.  This innovative defensive edge rail is either galvanised steel (GMS) or ductile iron acting as a reinforcement ensuring the channel remains whole once installed.

Pedestrian Friendly – 10mm Heelproof

Designing for the urban environment and future use is top of mind here at Mascot Engineering and the Technodrain grating range in Class B and Class D are all pedestrian friendly with grating gaps of no more than 10mm.

Security Boltdown

All Technodrain products come with a boltdown function.  Not only does this keep the grate securely in place, it deters unauthorised removal and access.  The boltdown system varies between the styles of grating and width of channels, more information can be found on the product specification sheets.


To prevent grates rocking, the protective edge frame fitted to the Technodrain Evomax and Magnum range provide a level surface that when paired with the boltdown facility reduces the chance of grates rocking whilst subject to traffic.


Technodrain is fitted with a tongue and groove end allowing for easy and simple joining of channels to create the length you need without fussy fixings and fittings.


Technodrain is supplied with the grate and boltdown facility ready mounted and assembled saving you time on site.  The 300mm Magnum product is supplied complete in 500mm lengths whilst the WaveDrain and Evomax are supplied in 1m lengths.

Hydraulic Flow & Knock-Outs

Paired with grating designed to maximise efficiency, to assist with high flow rates, the internal of all Technodrain channels are smooth and rounded (self cleaning) whilst each channel is fitted with pipe outlet points in both the sides and base.

Chemical Resistance

Technodrain’s high performance HDPE material is resistant to many checmical substances, the most common are found below;

Resistant to:

Hydrochloric Acid
Sulfuric Acid
Mineral Oil
Acetic Acid
Sodium Chloride
Sodium Phosphate
Sodium Hydroxide
Ethylic Alcohol
Antifreeze Salts

In addition to the above, Technodrain channel is also resistant to soap solutions and industrial cleaning products.  Please contact us if you wish to discuss your specific installation.

Technodrain Range


Compliance – Standards

Standards vary around the world, however AS3996, EN1433 and EN124 are considered the leading standards internationally for access covers and grating.

Our extensive experience with AS3996 has allowed Mascot Engineering to supply projects around the world.  In fact, we manufacture a range of EN124 (covers and grating) and EN1433 (trench grating) products that we supply globally.

As a European manufactured product, Technodrain is compliant to EN1433 – their version of our AS3996 which is the only internationally recognised standard written specifically for trench drains.  EN1433 allows for more stringent testing of grates and channels allowing for the varying (often narrow) widths of channels.

The main differences between the EN and AS standards with the load ratings is the label.  EN1433 goes from Class A to Class F and AS3996 goes from Class A to Class G.  However, the range of testing in kilonewtons (kN) remains the same with EN Class F tested to 900kN… identical to Australian standard Class G which is tested to 900kN.

Visit our Load Ratings page under Technical Support to learn more about EN124, EN1433 and AS3996.