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Australia-wide sales enquiries | 1300 885 295

Evomax GMS

HP10 Galvanised Steel Grate  

Functional and efficient… the Evomax drainage system is built for the urban environment.

With a protective steel edge rail shielding the HDPE channel edge and simple heelproof (10mm) galvanised mild steel grating, this trench drain safeguards you from the heaviest of downpours whilst being pedestrian friendly.

With a Class B load rating, this is ideal for commercial and residential use.  Heavier duty (Class D) ductile iron grates are also available for the Evomax 150 & Evomax 200.

Product Code:  TCEM150HB31Z  –   TCEM200HB31Z

Heelproof & Boltdown

Balancing pedestrian friendly grating with hydraulic design can be difficult and there’s always a compromise.

This Evomax galvanised mild steel (GMS) trench grate has openings no wider than 10mm protecting most high heels, walking canes and bicycles whilst still offering efficient hydraulic flow.  You can read more about heelproof grating design here.

Unauthorised access is prevented with the inclusion of a boltdown facility – two bolts per metre.

Modular & Pre-Assembled

Evomax 150 & 200 is fitted with a tongue and groove ends allowing for easy and simple joining of the one metre (1m) channels to create the length you need without fussy fixings and fittings.

Each preassembled 1m length of Evomax channel has one GMS heelproof grate and two boltdown facilities.

With the EvoMax 150 weighing in at only 10kg per metre, and the Evomax 200 at 12kg, this pre-assembled trench drain is simple and easy to install to any length required.


To prevent grates rocking, the protective edge frame fitted to the Evomax range provide a level surface that when paired with the boltdown facility reduces the chance of grates rocking whilst subject to traffic.

Hydraulic Flow & Knock-Outs

Evomax’s 10mm heelproof steel grates are designed to maximise efficiency, to assist with high flow rates. The internal channel of the Evomax is smooth and rounded (self cleaning) whilst each channel is fitted with pipe outlet points in both the sides and base.


End caps & in-line pits available for the Evomax.

End CapEvomax 150Evomax 200
End Cap 110 OutletTE150HTE200H
Sump Unit with GMS GrateTPEM150B317TPEM200B31Z

Technical Specifications – Evomax 150

EvoMax 150 Channel Technical Data

Length (mm)Overall Width (mm)Internal Width (mm)Overall Depth (mm)Internal Depth (mm)Edge Rail (mm)

EvoMax 150 Heelproof-10 Steel Grate Technical Data

Length (mm)Overall Width (mm)Overall Depth (mm)Slot Opening Size (mm)Bolts per metre

Total weight of assembled EvoMax 150 Class B Steel Grate (1m of channel and steel grate) is 10.2kg.

Technical Specifications – Evomax 200

Evomax 200 Channel Technical Data

Length (mm)Overall Width (mm)Internal Width (mm)Overall Depth (mm)Internal Depth (mm)Edge Rail (mm)

Evomax 200 Heelproof-10 Steel Grate Technical Data

Length (mm)Overall Width (mm)Overall Depth (mm)Slot Opening Size (mm)Bolts per metre

Total weight of assembled Evomax 200 Class B Steel Grate (1m of channel and steel grate) is 12.2kg.

Standards & Compliance

EvoMax is part of the Technodrain range of products manufactured by Asoplast in Italy and brought to Australia by Mascot Engineering.  As with all European products, they are tested to the load ratings found in EN1433 (their version of AS3996).  This product is independently tested to load rating B125 and copies of test certificates as well as declaration of performance certificates are available.

Click here to learn more about standards and compliance. 

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