Australia-wide sales enquiries | 1300 885 295

Australia-wide sales enquiries | 1300 885 295

Custom Precast Cable Pits

Mascot Engineering are the leaders in the design and manufacture of large scale Custom Concrete Pits and Covers engineered for use in electrical and communication applications.

Our dedicated custom precast facility is purpose built to deliver quality electrical and other custom precast solutions in accordance with our customers requirements. A specialised team is on hand to work with you to design and construct a product that complies with all relevant Australian Standards, and delivers a perfect solution designed to your specification. Our team are also available to assist with approvals, as well as manage the logistics involved in the delivery of your product.

Large Precast Concrete Pits

Large custom pits are our specialty and can be manufactured in segments or as single units to meet project and site requirements and limitations.

Covers and lids can be manufactured to suit your needs.  From large multipart access covers encased with removable steel beams, to single point infill covers or simply a precast slab… our team will work with you to provide an appropriate solution both in size and load rating expectations.

Multipart access cover

Small Precast Concrete Pits

The below guide shows common clear opening (usable space) sizes to suit stock Mascot Access Covers from Class A through to Class G.

We have the provision to adjust clear openings, pit depths as well as wall thicknesses to suit your requirements.

Pit Clear OpeningPit DepthWall Thickness
450x450500mm to 1500mm100mm to 250mm
600x600500mm to 1500mm100mm to 250mm
600x900500mm to 1500mm100mm to 250mm
600x1200500mm to 2000mm100mm to 250mm
900x900500mm to 2000mm100mm to 300mm
900x1200500mm to 2000mm100mm to 300mm
1200x1200500mm to 2000mm100mm to 350mm
1200x1500500mm to 2000mm100mm to 300mm
1200x1800600mm to 2000mm125mm to 350mm
1500x1500600mm to 2000mm125mm to 350mm
1800x1800600mm to 2000mm125mm to 350mm
2000x2000600mm to 2500mm150mm to 350mm
2500x2500600mm to 2500mm150mm to 350mm