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Australia-wide sales enquiries | 1300 885 295

GMS Checkerplate (Boltdown)

This range of hot dipped Galvanised Mild Steel covers are manufactured to sit into the rebate of our lightweight GRC cable pits. Complete with lock down bolts, these covers prevent opportunistic access – patented high security bolts are available if required. Available in up to Class C as standard stock items, a Class D (with frame) is available if required.





  1. Steel checkerplate covers are manufactured in accordance to AS3678 & AS3679.1 with Grade 250 structural steel
  2. All welding complies with all guidelines as set out in AS1554
  3. All components are hot dipped galvanised after fabrication in accordance to AS1650, AS/NZS 4680:2006
  4. Covers are lifted using standard Telstra lifting keys
  5. Class A,B & C covers finish flush with the top of the Mascot GRC Pit
  6. Brass and Stainless Steel marker plates available
  7. For details on Class D covers, please contact the technical team.
  8. Security keyhole plugs available


Suit Pit RangeClear OpeningLoad RatingCover TypeWeightProduct Code
CJP0280x280Class ASteel GMS Lockable4kgCJP0GMSCBDA
CJP0280x280Class BSteel GMS Lockable5kgCJP0GMSCBDB
CJP0280x280Class CSteel GMS Lockable7kgCJP0GMSCBDC
CJP1350x350Class ASteel GMS Lockable5kgCJP1GMSCBDA
CJP1350x350Class BSteel GMS Lockable6kgCJP1GMSCBDB
CJP1350x350Class CSteel GMS Lockable8kgCJP1GMSCBDC
CJP2450x450Class ASteel GMS Lockable8kgCJP2GMSCBDA
CJP2450x450Class BSteel GMS Lockable10kgCJP2GMSCBDB
CJP2450x450Class CSteel GMS Lockable12kgCJP2GMSCBDC
CJP3600x600Class ASteel GMS Lockable17kgCJP3GMSCBDA
CJP3600x600Class BSteel GMS Lockable19kgCJP3GMSCBDB
CJP3600x600Class CSteel GMS Lockable23kgCJP3GMSCBDC
CJP4900x600Class ASteel GMS Lockable30kgCJP4GMSCBDA
CJP4900x600Class BSteel GMS Lockable38kgCJP4GMSCBDB
CJP4900x600Class CSteel GMS Lockable48kgCJP4GMSCBDC
CJP5900x900Class ASteel GMS Lockable40kgCJP5GMSCBDA
CJP5900x900Class BSteel GMS Lockable45kgCJP5GMSCBDB
CJP5900x900Class CSteel GMS Lockable50kgCJP5GMSCBDC
CJP61100x1100Class ASteel GMS Lockable70kgCJP6GMSCBDA
CJP61100x1100Class BSteel GMS Lockable80kgCJP6GMSCBDB
CJP61100x1100Class CSteel GMS Lockable86kgCJP6GMSCBDC
CJP7600x300Class ASteel GMS Lockable8kgCJP7GMSCBDA
CJP7600x300Class BSteel GMS Lockable10kgCJP7GMSCBDB
CJP7600x300Class CSteel GMS Lockable13kgCJP7GMSCBDC
CJP81250x450Class ASteel GMS Lockable26kgCJP8GMSCBDA
CJP81250x450Class BSteel GMS Lockable30kgCJP8GMSCBDB
CJP81250x450Class CSteel GMS Lockable40kgCJP8GMSCBDC
CJP9585x245Class ASteel GMS Lockable8kgCJP9GMSCBDA
CJP9585x245Class BSteel GMS Lockable10kgCJP9GMSCBDB
CJP9585x245Class CSteel GMS Lockable13kgCJP9GMSCBDC