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Australia-wide sales enquiries | 1300 885 295

Paver Infill covers – Gastight

A cost effective alternative to traditional brass or stainless steel edge covers, Mascot’s range of Paver Infill Covers are available in Class B and Class D load ratings as per AS3996.

This unique bolt down ductile iron paver infill cover design is perfect for urban areas, patios, malls, driveways, footpaths… anywhere you’d like the cover to blend in.

Infill Material & Applications

With a reduced rib allowing for a recessed depth of 55mm to suit pavers up to 50mm, this cover is the most versatile in the range.  Suitable for not only pavers, but tiles, decorative concrete and any type of floor finish, these covers are load tested without infill (as per AS3996:2019) and do not rely on concrete to achieve the load rating.

Paver Infill Covers are for use over electricity and communications as well as stormwater and drainage systems and come with a T Frame enabling a discreet finish with the surrounding surface.

Multi-Part Paver Infill Covers

This range of paver infill covers and frames have been designed to be used as a two, three and multi-part system. Multi-part units combine standard size covers in multiple rows, generally with the clear opening exceeding 1200mm in both directions.

Clear OpeningLoad RatingCover TypeWeightProduct Code
320x320Class DPaver Infill Cover & Frame43kgMFPI33D
450x450Class DPaver Infill Cover & Frame60kgMFPI44D
600x345Class DPaver Infill Cover & Frame69kgMFPI63D
600x600Class DPaver Infill Cover & Frame80kgMFPI66D
600x750Class DPaver Infill Cover & Frame105kgMFPI76D
750x750Class DPaver Infill Cover & Frame120kgMFPI77D
900x600Class BPaver Infill Cover & Frame107kgMFPI96B
900x600Class DPaver Infill Cover & Frame123kgMFPI96D
900x750Class DPaver Infill Cover & Frame149kgMFPI97D
900x900Class B2 Part Paver Infill Cover & Frame153kgMFPI99B
900x900Class D2 Part Paver Infill Cover & Frame169kgMFPI99D
1270x450Class D2 Part Paver Infill Cover & Frame140kgMFPI1245D
1200x1200Class D2 Part Paver Infill Cover & Frame290kgMFPI1212D

There is a huge range of combinations available, and our technical team can design and engineer a cover to suit your needs. Please call us on 1300 885 295 to discuss your requirements.