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Two Part Infill Covers (Gastight)

Mascot Engineering’s Two Part Covers combine two standard size covers in a single frame. These covers are used when a single part does not provide a large enough clear opening or when smaller individual covers are required to ease lifting.




Load RatingClear OpeningOverall DepthProduct TypeOverall SizeProduct Code
Class B300mm x 660mm50mm2 Part470mm x 720mm2P300x660B
450mm x 660mm50mm2 Part630mm x 720mm2P450x660B
450mm x 960mm50mm2 Part630mm x 1020mm2P450x960B
600mm x 960mm50mm2 Part775mm x 1020mm2P600x960B
600mm x 1260mm50mm2 Part775mm x 1320mm2P600x1260B
750mm x 1260mm50mm2 Part915mm x 1320mm2P750x1260B
750mm x 1560mm50mm2 Part915mm x 1620mm2P750x1560B
900mm x 1260mm50mm2 Part1075mm x 1320mm2P900x1260B
900mm x 1560mm50mm2 Part1075mm x 1620mm2P900x1560B
900mm x 1860mm50mm2 Part1075mm x 1320mm2P900x1860B
1050mm x 1260mm50mm2 Part1280mm x 1320mm2P1050x1260B
Class D300mm x 680mm50mm2 Part470mm x 760mm2P300x680D
450mm x 980mm50mm2 Part620mm x 1060mm2P450x980D
600mm x 990mm75mm2 Part770mm x 1070mm2P600x990D
600mm x 1130mm75mm2 Part770mm x 1210mm2P600x1130D
600mm x 1280mm75mm2 Part770mm x 1360mm2P600x1280D
750mm x 1280mm75mm2 Part920mm x 1360mm2P750x1280D
750mm x 1580mm75mm2 Part920mm x 1660mm2P750x1580D
900mm x 1280mm75mm2 Part1070mm x 1360mm2P900x1280D
900mm x 1580mm75mm2 Part1070mm x 1660mm2P900x1580D
900mm x 1880mm75mm2 Part1070mm x 1960mm2P900x1880D
Glass G450mm x 1000mm100mm2 Part650mm x 1200mm2P450X1000G
600mm x 1000mm100mm2 Part800mm x 1200mm2P450X1000G
600mm x 1250mm100mm2 Part800mm x 1350mm2P600X1000G
600mm x 1300mm100mm2 Part800mm x 1400mm2P600X1250G
750mm x 1300mm100mm2 Part950mm x 1400mm2P600X1300G
750mm x 1450mm100mm2 Part950mm x 1750mm2P750X1450G
750mm x 1600mm100mm2 Part950mm x 1380mm2P750X1600G
900mm x 1300mm100mm2 Part1100mm x 1400mm2P900X1300G
900mm x 1600mm100mm2 Part1100mm x 1700mm2P900X1600G
900mm x 1900mm100mm2 Part1100mm x 2000mm2P900X1900G


Installation Rebate Detail




Load RatingA (mm)B (mm)