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Australia-wide sales enquiries | 1300 885 295

Installation Instructions – Water Tanks

Mascot Engineering’s Underground Water Tanks are designed to be installed in rather shallow depths without the requirement for shoring, making them easier and more cost effective to install.

Step by Step Installation Instructions

  1. Excavate hole to dimensions.
  2. Prepare level base of hole with backfill material.
  3. Attach barrel filter unit and if required position adjustable collar.
  4. Lift tank into hole using lifting lugs on top of tank.
  5. Fill around perimeter of tank with backfill material.
  6. Fill centre of tank up to 150mm below the tank’s half way flange with backfill material.
  7. Fill centre of tank with backfill material and/or concrete ballast.
  8. Tank is now ready to be covered and landscaped over.

3,000L Underground Water Tank

5,000L Underground Water Tank