Australia-wide sales enquiries | 1300 885 295

Australia-wide sales enquiries | 1300 885 295

Surface Fill Covers

Mascot Engineering Surface Fill Covers have been designed so the access cover blends into it’s surrounds.  Our large range covers all applications, load ratings, sizes and is available in a range of depths to suit tiles, epoxy floors through to brick pavers.

Typically used in urban environments as well as areas with high pedestrian traffic, our Surface Fill Covers allows the architectural surroundings to be the focus, rather than our cover.

Decorative Raised Edge Infill Covers

Originally the only option to hide an access cover was to add a brass or stainless steel edge.  We still offer these decorative edge covers in 18mm, 50mm as well as the deep 75mm edges in all load ratings and we fit and assemble these covers in-house ensuring quality and lead times are met.

Paver Infill Covers

We set out to develop a steel access cover and frame with a deep dish/pan to suit brick pavers for use in urban environments, however upon testing we found the steel didn’t pass our quality audits.  When installed, removal of the cover from the frame was difficult – the cover needed to be lifted vertically by two or more people (extremely heavy) and often warped once dislodged making it problematic to fit back into the frame.

To overcome this issue, we reverted to ductile iron and designed a cover and frame system that suited brick paving and didn’t bend or warp.  In addition to this, we load test all our covers in an unfilled state – ensuring they meet the load rating requirements without relying on the infill material.

Recently we added a gastight paver infill cover and frame to the range, allowing us to provide single, two, three, continuous trench runs and multipart covers all suitable for use with brick pavers.