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Australia-wide sales enquiries | 1300 885 295

Concrete Encased

Easy installation, saving you time on site with no need to concrete collar/encase or do the steel work.

All Mascot’s concrete surrounds have a ‘reverse rebate’ to suit a Mascot pit – the covers are all gas and watertight and complete with lifting key hole and manufactured in accordance with Australian Standard AS3996 for loadings. Available to suit all Mascot precast glass reinforced concrete pits, the below list is standard stock items, however due to our flexible manufacturing process, custom surrounds can easily be produced.




  1. All cover and frame manufactured from grade T220 cast iron (minimum) to conform to AS1830
  2. Castings are machined to form a gas and watertight seal
  3. Units are coated in bituminous paint complying with BS3416 type II
  4. Load ratings are in accordance with AS3996
  5. Bolt down and security systems available
  6. Two, three and multipart covers are framed also available
  7. All covers supplied with lifting keyholes and plugs
  8. Concrete surrounds installed with swift lifts
  9. Concrete is minimum 40MPa (AS1480), and reinforcement to AS1302
  10. Decorative edge (Brass or Stainless Steel) is available in 18mm, 50mm and 75mm.

The following products are standard stock items. All reinforcement is engineered to suit the desired load rating.


Suit Pit RangeClear OpeningLoad RatingDepthProduct Code
DS2 / CJP2300x300Class B150mmDS2SLC
DS2 / CJP2300x300Class C150mmDS2SMC
DS2 / CJP2300x300Class D150mmDS2SHC
DS2 / CJP2300x300Class G150mmDS2SEHC
DS3 / CJP3450x450Class B150mmDS3SLC
DS3 / CJP3450x450Class C150mmDS3SMC
DS3 / CJP3450x450Class D150mmDS3SHC
DS3 / CJP3450x450Class G150mmDS3SEHC
DS4 / CJP4600x450Class B150mmDS4SLC
DS4 / CJP4600x450Class C150mmDS4SMC
DS4 / CJP4600x450Class D150mmDS4SHC
DS4 / CJP4600x450Class G150mmDS4SEHC
DS5 / CJP5600x600Class B150mmDS5SLC
DS5 / CJP5600x600Class C150mmDS5SMC
DS5 / CJP5600x600Class D150mmDS5SHC
DS5 / CJP5600x600Class G200mmDS5SEHC
DS6 / CJP6600x600Class B200mmDS6SLC
DS6 / CJP6600x600Class C200mmDS6SMC
DS6 / CJP6600x600Class D200mmDS6SHC
DS6 / CJP6600x600Class G250mmDS6SEHC

All dimensions correct at time of print and may vary