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Australia-wide sales enquiries | 1300 885 295

Drop-in Cast Iron Grates

The Cast Iron drop-in grates are designed for the Mascot Pit range. Available to suit most Mascot precast glass reinforced concrete pits and to suit two traffic applications.

These grates simply sit into the rebate of the pit and finish flush with the top edge of the pit (surface). For heavier traffic areas, see the range of grates and frames.




Suit Pit RangeClear OpeningLoad RatingWeight (kg)Product Code
DS0300x300Trucks (slow moving)6DS0HG
DS1375x375Trucks (slow moving)12DS1HG
DS2450x450Trucks (slow moving)31DS2HG
DS3600x600Trucks (slow moving)67DS3HG
DS4900x600Trucks (slow moving)100DS4HG