Australia-wide sales enquiries | 1300 885 295

Australia-wide sales enquiries | 1300 885 295

Valve Pits

Commonly used for Water and Fuel industries… our Custom Precast Concrete Valve Pits are critical elements in the infrastructure of a project.  To date, the largest valve pit our team have manufactured is 80 tonne and we’re really only limited by the restrictions on transport.

Valve Pits generally house shut off valves and pumping valves to continue the steady flow of fuel and/or water to supply the site they are contained within, as well as large residential areas.

The valve sizes and depths are specified by the design consultant, and where we assist with our expertise is providing a precast solution without compromise to the internal measurements or fixtures. We often assist with optimisation of the design… working with our engineer to ensure the end installation result is seamless, saving construction program time building the structure in-situ.

In addition to the pit structure, we also manufacture the multipart access cover system with structural galvanised mild steel beams to Class D, Class E and Class G (load ratings found in AS3996:2019, the Australian Standard for Access Covers).  Our Mascot Multiparts can be cast into the valve pit structure as a single piece (bell top), or as a separate collar/surround.

The multipart access cover system itself can also house a valve inspection opening (small round access cover within a larger access cover) as an easy option to inspect inside the pit structure.

Our operations team can review your drawing with a view of reducing lifting loads by building the structure in increments with key joints for the separate precast structures.  We can also assist with nominating the correct access cover system to suit the application with our large range of single access covers, trench access covers and multipart access covers.

Some of our fixtures and fittings include and not limited to:

  • Earthing continuity requirements to network or client specification including earth tags
  • Cast in ferrules
  • Cast in puddle flanges
  • Cast in vertical unistrut bracket or brackets in general to support pipework
  • Cast in bell mouths or slip couplings for connection of incoming/outgoing conduits to the pit structure for alarms and other critical cabling
  • Step irons, fixed ladders and retractable ladders to AS1657
  • Cast in recessed sump to allow for a submersible pump if there isn’t an outlet on the structure.
  • Depth reading signs for deep pits
  • Cast in access cover (infill, solid top or paver infill) to project specification and load rating.