Australia-wide sales enquiries | 1300 885 295

Australia-wide sales enquiries | 1300 885 295

Cable Vaults

Our experience and understanding of the telecommunications and energy sectors, particularly our involvement with data centre fibre network infrastructure allows us to assist you in the design and engineering of custom precast concrete cable vaults specifically for your projects site location and requirements.


Large underground cable joint vaults have become standard requirements for data centres and our custom precast vaults are trusted by leading data centres across Australia.  For information on projects completed, view our case studies.

Design & Engineering

Our technical team will take the time, working with you to ensure an appropriate product solution is delivered.  Assessing every variable from load ratings, soil density, backfill and pavement/surface finish our team understand how critical these products are for the success of the project.

Often part of larger power feeder infrastructure and paired with our Coreworx Joint Bay, Mascot Engineering cable vaults provide a safe workspace for cable jointing, turning and storage.  Typically, precast cable vaults are designed to allow a minimum 2m head height internally with access turrets (chimneys) with access covers acting as risers to the finished surface level.


  • Cast in bellmouths, slip couplings and conduit
  • Cast in ferrules, brackets and Unistrut fittings
  • Step Irons and fixed or retractable ladders
  • Signage, labels and markings
  • Earthing requirements, including earth tags