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Australia-wide sales enquiries | 1300 885 295

Sydney Airport Apron Upgrade

Whilst the specification called for traditional steel reinforced concrete, our technical team worked with the civil contractor on a solution specifically for this project.  The client was required to install pits and covers overnight to avoid disruption to Australia’s busiest Airport.  The logistics was proving difficult given the need for large cumbersome machinery at each pit install location.

Mascot GRC Pits and drop in Class C Covers were chosen for this project as Electrical Cable Pits for the runway and apron lighting as they could be moved around site on small utes and installed with minimal machinery.

Not only was the contractor able to complete the install without issue, the project was completed early.

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  • Client
    Sydney Airport
  • Location
    Mascot, NSW
  • Products
    GRC Cable Pits
    Access Covers