Australia-wide sales enquiries | 1300 885 295

Australia-wide sales enquiries | 1300 885 295


Mascot Engineering is proud to bring a world leading linear drainage product from Europe to Australia and the Asia Pacific Region.

Innovative and easy to install linear drainage solutions from Italy.  Technodrain is a lightweight cost-effective HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) channel paired with a range of sophisticated and compliant grates available in several widths and designs in Class B, D, E and Class G.

Technodrain & Mascot Engineering… a shared passion for progressive manufacturing

Since 1978, Technodrain’s ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility (Asoplast) has been located just outside of the historical port city of Ancona in central Italy.  The company’s deep passion for manufacturing is evident in their large modern and progressive facility which is capable of producing 40,000kg of plastic material per day.  Mascot Engineering share this passion for manufacturing and producing world leading products which makes Technodrain the perfect addition to the Mascot range of products.

Mascot Engineering’s General Manager, Nick Taylor was invited to Asoplast in Italy, the home of Technodrain to understand more about its features and benefits, and how Technodrain could complement our existing range. “After visiting Asoplast’s factory in Ortezzano and experiencing their deep culture for quality, I knew Technodrain was the right product for Mascot Engineering to put our name to”.

With a history of complex plastic moulding for automotive, household appliances and other industries, Technodrain was developed in 2004 in response to the market’s demand for a high quality, strong, stylish, and high performing drainage solution.

“We’ve chosen the EvoMax and Magnum range as the core products we will stock across our Australian distribution centres… both are fitted with an edge rail to protect the system from damage under heavy traffic loads and are paired with 10mm heelproof grating for the everyday Class B & Class D installations.”

The Magnum is the largest of the range with a clear opening of 300mm and suitable for the heaviest of loads.  “Whilst our traditional ductile iron grate and frame remains popular for infrastructure projects seeking a Class G load rating, the Magnum is an alternative that the market has been asking for.”

“With light duty plastic channels and grates so readily available in hardware stores, we didn’t intend to add a residential product to the range, however once we got our hands on the WaveDrain we knew we had to keep it in stock.”  The 100mm WaveDrain includes a Ductile Iron Class B Grate unlike any others on the market.  It’s heelproof and boltdown and priced appropriately for the residential market.


More on the Technodrain range held in stock locally can be found here.