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Australia-wide sales enquiries | 1300 885 295

Solid Top Covers and Frames to suit GRC Pits

This range of ductile iron solid top covers are manufactured to sit into the rebate of our lightweight GRC cable pits.




  1. Covers with Frame are Boltdown โ€“ Security Bolts available
  2. Covers are complete with two lifting keyholes and plugs
  3. Covers finish flush with the top of the Mascot GRC Pit
  4. Frames to be sealed to pit rebate with approved two-part epoxy


Suit Pit RangePit SizeLoad RatingCover TypeWeightProduct Code
CJP0300x300Class BSolid Top Cover6kgCJP0STC
CJP1375x375Class BSolid Top Cover9kgCJP1STC
CJP2450x450Class CSolid Top Watertight Cover & Frame18kgCJP2STC
CJP3600x600Class CSolid Top Watertight Cover & Frame30kgCJP3STC
CJP4900x600Class CSolid Top Watertight Cover & Frame50kgCJP4STC
CJP7600x300Class CSolid Top Watertight Cover & Frame18kgCJP7STC